Salmagundi is a sacred community connecting different and unique parts creating a whole. Everything we do comes from a deep desire to express the formless in the here and now.

We are deeply rooted in vibrant nature: She is our priest, our God and our temple. Our principles are all expressions of the uniqueness and richness of Life on Earth. We see all life as Holy. There are many ways to meet God or the Divine. This vision is expressed through 9 principles. The principles are not to be seen as dogmatic nor as the final authority. They are to be experienced.

Our practices can help to remember and experience these principles directly. Yet, there are infinite ways to rediscover this sacred connection to our life, to each other and to our True Self.

The word Salmagundi means:
An assembly of many different things, ideas or people, forming a whole.

We gather
Embraced by Mother Nature
Welcoming our Uniqueness
Together as a Whole

Our Principles

Our Practices


We pray to life. We pray to surrender to healing forces that are bigger than ourselves. We pray to angels, to mother earth, to the sky, to God, to love itself. We welcome any sincere prayer for love and connection, beyond tradition or dogma.


We move our attention inwards to gain insight, to create space, to become like clear water. The power of meditation is an ingredient in many of our practices and principles. Our attention grows and together we create a field of consciousness.


Our body is our temple. We are mindful of what we consume. The earth has enough for all of us, yet society is wasting so much. Knowing the impact of meat and waste, we cook healthy vegetarian food and take only what we need. This food is our medicine. This food is our art too.


Connecting body and mind to find stillness and flexibility. We are inspired by many traditions and styles, to discover what we truly need. Whether this is a slow Yin class or a challenging Ashtanga yoga.


Through free self expression in dance we embody freedom. By creating a safe container and letting go of words, the dance truly becomes a hypnotising, uplifting, sacred experience. It connects us to our body, to each other, to an infinite energy field.


Sound has a power beyond the mind. We sing ancient songs with magical power or new improvised compositions that are created in the moment. Our throat chakra opens to express our emotions, our heart opens with the sound to find love.


Presence in our connection with others is key to harmonious and pure encounters. Being aware of your own needs, slowing down to consciously choose: What do you wish to do.


Through new rites and celebrations we take time to create holy moments. To consciously experience transitions or special moments: A beginning, an ending or a full moon. Extravagant yet simple and true to yourself. Celebrate life together!


Create a safe circle where all emotions are welcome. Whether this is sadness of joy, tension or gratefulness. Welcome! By showing ourselves we inspire others to do the same. The sharing circle is a co-creation. We speak not only for ourselves, but many times what we say is resonating with others.

Nature Walks

Nature helps us to recharge. Between other group practices, you can practice individually to mindfully walk on the earth. To connect to the ground and relax in each step.


Our statutes are a more formal document reflecting these principles.
You can read them here before you become a member.

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