Salmagundi is a sacred community connecting different and unique parts creating a whole. Everything we do comes from a deep desire to express the formless in the here and now.

1. Our Principles

1 Align
Creating order and seeing patterns
Connecting to your purpose
To live in alignment

2 Ground
Feet on the muddy earth
Connecting to the ground
Where are you now?

3 Center
In this body you live
It is your temple
Be true to your center

4 Vibrate
Let the music of the Cosmos
Touch your soul
Everything is made of sound

5 Resonate
Syncing our heartbeats
Finding harmony
Tuning in to each other

6 Expand
We grow to embody
Our full potential

7 Explorer
Try something new!
In each moment we can find
The gift of something sacred

8 Renew
Sleep and relax
Be still to recharge
Finding balance between Yin and Yang

9 Radiate
Let us spread this Love
Celebrating this magical Life
All over the world!

Our 9 principles give inspiration to our activities and practices.
You can read more about our practices in our vision.

2. Governance

Salmagundi aims towards co-creation. She is structured by 7 main groups:

  1. Founders
  2. Core Staff
  3. Team Leaders
  4. Co-creators
  5. Artists and Facilitators
  6. Members
  7. Supporters

The founders of the group are responsible for the final decision making proces. They aim to integrate the principles in their work. Feedback from community members in various forms is a main key to inspiring harmonious choices.

Core Staff
Collaborates with the founders on decisions, planning and activities. Responsibilities vary per person based on mutual agreement, energy and enthusiasm.

Team Leaders
During gatherings the team leaders coordinate co-creators. Teams include Cooking Food, Serving Food, Dishwashing, Buildup, Build down, Cleaning, Space Holders, Bar, Decoration. Additional teams can be created depending on the circumstances and the nature of the event. Team Leaders communicate regularly and directly with core staff or the founders.

Members that dedicate some of their time and energy to serve the community. Similar to karma yoga. Each co-creator has their own specific responsibilities which are coordinated and overseen by team leaders. In case of disagreement core staff or the founders can come to aid to find harmony and new solutions.

Artists and Facilitators
People that offer workshops, dance meditations, music, ceremonies and other activities that are part of our practices. These people are invited to gatherings by founders and/or core staff. Artists and facilitators are also very welcome to join Salmagundi, but do not need to in order to offer their expertise, art, activity or workshop.

People that have joined the Salmagundi community. Joining is official when a member has registered on . During the join process members can express which principles and practices are their primary focus. These choices are not final however. Members can decide at any moment to change their focus, or to expand it to different areas.

The Salmagundi community exists because of the contributions of people. Even if you are not a member, you can still support our cause. People that are interested in this option can contact us through the contact form at the bottom of the Salmagundi website.

3. Membership

Everybody can join Salmagundi.
Membership costs €1,- for legal and administrative purposes.
You can cancel your membership at any time by deleting your account, or if this is not possible for you, contacting us directly through the contact form on this website.

Members can be approached to contribute actively to the community, but members are always free to say yes or no. By joining Salmagundi you agree to receive an occasional email. You can at any time unsubscribe from newsletters or other forms of (digital) communication.
Unsubscribing from a newsletter will not cancel your membership. This needs to be done through this website

4. Diversity

Everybody can join Salmagundi, regardless of age, sexual orientation, skin color, gender, education, wealth, health.

5. Marketing

Salmagundi does not engage in paid marketing activities on social media platform such as Facebook or Google, or television, radio or newspapers. The Salmagundi website is the main portal. We believe people will find us through what we do and who we are.

6. Safety and Harmony

We stand for a safe environment and atmosphere. If a situation is unsafe or too out of harmony, Founders and Core Staff can decide to expel members. Reasons for expelling members have to be severe. Examples include violent speech, disrespectful behaviour, inability to contain destructive emotions or behaviour.

7. Personal Responsibility

You are invited to co-create safety by respecting the (subtle) boundaries of others and to be clear about your own boundaries as well to others. We do our best to create the most nourishing environment for you, but you are responsible for your actions and your personal wellbeing and health, both physical as well as mental. Salmagundi is not responsible for any experienced psychological or physical harm during our gatherings.

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